How to Lose 200 Pounds in a Year!

One of the worst things about being obese is how simple tasks become increasingly difficult. Such as driving a car like Jim Carpenter, cleaning the house like Julie Roth, or even going on a leisurely stroll like John Blair. For nearly 500 pound television producer Bill DiNicola,
it was the inability for his safety harness to fasten on a roller
coaster he was attempting to ride at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg,
Virginia. Things that we take for granted can be insurmountable for
some. “You’re that person who can break furniture by sitting on it, by
doing what it is designed to do,” says DiNicola.

Bill didn’t
always have issues with his weight. He was a high school athlete, but
when the activity decreased and the food intake rose, Bill added weight
at an uncontrollable pace to the tune of 476 pounds. Bill knew that his
weight was an issue, but when he was unable to fit into a size 4X
jersey, he knew he had to take action. The sobering moment came with a
revelation. “There’s one thing you can do right now, and that’s change
and switch it,” he says. And that’s exactly what Bill did.

In January 2015, Bill went on the New Direction System as
a part of the Bon Secours nutrition and weight loss program. Under the
medical supervision of Dr. Phillip Snider and his staff, Bill lost 227 pounds.
The hard work and dedication it took pales in comparison to the feeling
of accomplishment and renewed vigor for life Bill has. That roller
coaster harness that wouldn’t latch over 200 pounds ago now does so with
no problem, and Bill is back to enjoying the thrills of riding the
roller coaster with the thoughts of the shame he had before being a
distant memory.  Take a further look into Bill’s story with the video

New Direction System has done this for countless people throughout the
country and can do it for you too! If you are a dieter and ready to
start the New Year with a new you, fill out a Find a Clinic
form and let us help you find a weight loss program in your area. If
you are a provider and would like to help your patients get a new grasp
on life, fill out our Become a Provider form and find out how you can better treat obesity at your practice.

Blog written by Marcus Miller/Robard Corporation

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