Webinar: The Importance, Effectiveness & Safety of Meal Replacements in the Treatment of Obesity - A Dietitian's Perspective

Heather Boyd

In this Robard Corporation webinar, Heather Boyd, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Weight Management and Obesity, and a Certified Diabetes Educator from Frederick Memorial Hospital’s Medical Weight Loss Program in Frederick, Maryland, discusses the use of meal replacements in the treatment of patients with obesity.

Learning Objectives:

- Determine how meal replacements assist the dietitian and patient during meal planning
- Explain the nutritional impact of utilizing meal replacements (Macros & Micros)
- Evaluate patient case studies to compare weight loss progress on plans using meal replacements to that of a traditional Low-Calorie Diet (LCD) using exchanges or calorie counting

Download the presentation slides here.



Tags: Obesity, Treating Obesity, Meal Replacements, Weight Loss Programs, weight loss, weight management

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